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Formwork Starter Application

Hey! Thanks for your interest in Formwork Starter! Fill out the form below to apply for your Formwork Starter discount. To not keep you waiting, you'll receive access to your discount immediately after submitting this form - we'll review your application afterwards and get in touch if anything's missing :)

Your name and email

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What happens next?

If we accept your application, you'll receive a discount for Formwork QMS + Techdoc to 49€ / month with no time limitation.
However, if any of the criteria above change (e.g. if you raise funding), you'll move towards our normal pricing which is currently 499€ / month (if we can show your logo on our website) or 799€ / month (normal price). Don't worry though, you're not trapped - you can cancel Formwork every month and export your data.
Still, if any of those criteria change, you agree to notify us when that happens. If you notify us late, no problem, but we'll still bill you retroactively for the months in which you didn't fulfil the criteria (i.e. the months in which you already had received funding but still were on Formwork Starter).
What happens next?